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Atenolol (Oral)

Atenelol (Oral) is a beta blocker that is taken orally. This drug helps lower blood pressure and regulate heart rate by dilating arteries. It is often prescribed for people who suffer from angina--unexplained chest pain that may related to their heart. It is also prescribed to patients who have had a heart attack to lower their risk of a second or fatal cardiovascular event.

Warnings/Side Effects

Some people may be allergic to this drug. Allergic reactions can include swelling of the face, tongue and throat, which can be fatal because they interfere with breathing. Other people may develop hives or rashes in reaction to the drug.

Atenelol is not always effective. Some people have worse chest pain or heart problems; this drug can cause heart failure, heart attacks and strokes in these patients. Atenelol can also cause blood pressure to drop too low, which results in feeling dizzy or lightheaded.